Reiki Level III
Waterfall of Wellness

Reiki Level III

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At this level, you will learn and become proficient in the following:

  • receive Personal Mastery Symbol for healing
  • receive Usui/Tibetan Personal Mastery symbol
  • be attuned to all Usui/Tibetan healing symbols
  • Dr. Usui's original Healing Techniques
  • how to work with energy in the Hara
  • intensify healing treatments using the Hui Yin
  • healing with the Violet Breath
  • how to do an Etheric Cleansing
  • the Microcosmic Orbit
  • Reiki Healing Attunements
  • temporarily attuning another's hands for Reiki
  • Healing Crystals
  • Crystal Power grids
  • Antahkarana Symbol

Upon completion, you will receive your certificate as Usui Reiki Master Practitioner as well as Usui/Tibetan Advanced Reiki Training.


*This live virtual training is 7 hours in length. You will receive a digital training manual. 

*Limit of two students per training to ensure a personalized one-on-one learning experience. 

When checking out, please provide the best email address or number phone to contact you to arrange your training. If you'd prefer to connect prior to booking, please reach out to Carissa Beresford,