Energy Medicine is Adapting to the Changing Times: How to Prepare for a Long Distance Reiki Session By: Carissa Beresford (originally written in 2020)

With the ever changing world, it has been a challenge to maintain a holistic lifestyle incorporating alternative healing techniques. Commonly, these complementary modalities are not regulated by the government and there is little to no direction on how to navigate energy medicine as a practitioner or a client. There are so many procedures, protocols, guidelines and laws that have been put in place that add cost as well as obstacles to providing a spiritually safe sacred space. Many are seeking online solutions to enhance their experiences and increase accessibility during these uncertain times.
With the mass fear and anxiety, energy work is useful to transmute the lower frequency energy into a higher vibrational energy and release all that no longer serves you. One form of energy healing that provides relaxation and stress reduction originated in Japan and is called Reiki. Reiki is translated as “universal life force energy”. A practitioner transfers and directs energy to areas of concern providing balance of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. My Reiki teacher and author of “Angels and Energy", Stacey MacDonald, first explained Reiki to me with a visualization exercise. “Picture an electric fan spinning as a chakra does. When there’s dust in the fan, it doesn’t function to its full capacity and slows down just like when we experience energy blocks. A Reiki practitioner goes in and removes the dust so that the chakra (energy centers of the body) flows in a way that is beneficial for your health”. This technique can be implemented in person or through long distance.
Long distance healing sessions are becoming more popular as we shift to an online world. Everyone has a different style and ultimately does what feels right to them. Some may use a video or chat platform to deliver their service or some may do the work without any interaction during the session. This could be done in private and then communicated when completed (through email or phone call). As a Reiki practitioner, I have compiled helpful tips for those interested in long distance healing.
Here are some suggestions for a client on how to prepare for an energy work session like Reiki:
- Dedicate this time to yourself.
- You may be located inside or outside.
- You can lay down or sit comfortably with your eyes closed.
- Create a warm and safe environment by adding a pillow, blankets, eye covering, headphones, crystals, smudge, candles, essential oils, tea, incense or mood lighting. - Meditate or use deep breathing to calm the body and clear the mind.
- Remove distraction. Maybe put your phone on silent, airplane mode or do not disturb option.
- If it feels right, I ask that you keep your limbs uncrossed to increase the energy flow in your body allowing a clear path for energy transfer.
- Have water and tissue accessible for any releases that may occur during the session.
- Be open and accept without judgement. Allow your body to do what it needs, you may produce sounds, symptoms or sensations anytime throughout the day. Observe it, thank it and release it!
- Have a journal or piece of paper to write down any information or teachings you receive before, during and/or after the session.

It is best practice to set an intention or use an affirmation for the healing session. State your intention in a positive way. You may want to write it down in a journal, on a sticky post or maybe even carry a tiny piece of paper on you with your clear intention depicted. You could use words, pictures, symbols, or sounds. Whatever resonates with you. If you feel compelled, you could meditate on your intention before or after the session.

Examples of intentions and affirmations are:
"I intend to receive deep relaxing benefits from this reiki session with ------ (name of practitioner)"
"May I be relaxed and rejuvenated"
"May I feel loved"
"May I see my true worth"
"May I taste the sweetness of life"
"May I smell the roses"
"I am healing"
"I forgive myself and others"
"I learn and grow daily"
"I am safe"
"This too shall pass"
"I am strong and courageous"
"I can do anything I put my mind to"
"Mind, body and spirit connection is my priority"
"My healing journey is perfect as it is"
"I focus on the Creator's love"
"I accept myself as I am"
"I love myself and others"

Prior to the beginning of the session, please say aloud or in silence, "I am open to receiving", "I am open to receiving this Reiki energy" or whichever variation of these words feels best for you. Then visualize a bright White light entering the top of your head through your crown. Now, it’s time to relax and surrender. The practitioner will work their magic and give directions more specific to their practice.

Reflection, art and journaling can help to integrate the energy shift into your system. It is recommended to drink lots of water, observe your emotions/thoughts, listen to your body and rest if you need to. You may feel tired or completely rejuvenated after a Reiki session. Every practitioner sends and receives the energy transmissions slightly different and we are all individuals having unique and unifying experiences at the same time. Be sure to ask questions and get clarification on anything you are unsure of.

As we explore this new world we are creating, the opportunities are limitless. We have solutions for all the perceived obstacles and we can rise above the lower vibrations as we raise ourselves and each other up. You deserve to receive all the goodness the world has to offer. Follow your heart to navigate a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing. The universe has your back.

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