Our Story

Waterfall of Wellness, WoW Mississauga acknowledges and gives thanks to all traditional Indigenous stewards of the lands and the waters.


Waterfall of Wellness was established in September 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, WoW Mississauga an idea in the making for over seven years when founder Carissa Beresford discovered Reiki and her healing journey began.

Carissa Beresford is a mixed Indigenous and European woman who can tap into ancestral wisdom, meaning she has naturally developed gifts that are divinely guided such as intuition, healing, communications, and honouring interconnectedness. She is a certified Therapeutic Arts Life Coach. She worked in customer service and as an Registered Early Childhood Educator for ten years and decided to combine her experience and knowledge to best serve new families and take the leap as an entrepreneur starting WoW.

Waterfall of Wellness, WoW Mississauga, is a holistic wellness brand providing a variety of services and natural products including candles, body butter, Reiki, Spiritual Empowerment Coaching, Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy. We are different from those in the industry by introducing candles that promote Reiki, Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy while offering Energy Medicine, Spiritual Empowerment Coaching and workshops, Waterfall of Wellness is bridging the gap between physical and spiritual realms by honouring the Medicine Wheel Teachings. Products are practical, convenient and high vibrational. 

Founder's Biography

Carissa Beresford holds a passion for helping and caring for others.  She is an Intuitive Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher certified with the Canadian Reiki Association and the past-president/volunteer of over 20 years of a nonprofit charity, Angel Hugs. Angel Hugs is a non-profit charity group of volunteers providing handmade items for those who have suffered trauma or life threatening illness, young mothers at risk and the homeless.  While Carissa has been a part of this team and also led this organization, she is pleased that together they have donated over 30,000 items to date.
As a Registered Early Childhood Educator working at the child care centre Carissa herself attended as a child, life appeared set. She had a government contract position and was next on the list to be hired full time with benefits. Then the decision was made to close the centre. This left Carissa feeling hopeless and lost. On the outside people may have never known that she was suffering from severe depression and anxiety but at the time her whole world had come crashing down and she didn't know where to go. At this time, Carissa became aware of Reiki and its healing benefits.
Carissa visited a Reiki Practitioner for a healing session and left with a genuine smile. Reiki opened up a new yet familiar world for Carissa.  Reiki assisted her with being able to connect to; feeling, living, breathing, seeing, tasting, touching and being the universal life force energy that connects us all. Carissa unleashed self-love from within allowing her to release all toxic people, behaviours, habits, and cycles that were causing blockages which did not allow her energy to flow freely. She awakened to recognize and appreciate herself as a spiritual being.
Today as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Carissa connects people powerfully to their own ability to connect with their Inner Self, heal themselves, increase their personal power and also teaches them to be able to ignite this spark in others; teaching people to heal themselves and others through Reiki.



Message From WoW's Founder

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