Features & Benefits

With focus on new mothers, our products are consciously curated to support postpartum challenges. According to Statistics Canada, almost ¼ of new moms experience postpartum depression or anxiety. Waterfall of Wellness addresses this concern by hand-making products that combine ingredients known to promote healing for specific challenges of a new mom.

New families can benefit from the high quality ingredients that are:
● Gluten free 
● Alcohol free
● Chemical free
● Paraben free
● Cruelty free
● All natural
● Real essential oils with no artificial scents, fragrances or parfum used
● Purchased from Canadian suppliers


Packaging is:
● Recyclable and reusable
● Can be up-cycled for future DIY (Do It Yourself) projects
● Eco-friendly glass, paper and cotton
● Purchased from Canadian suppliers

Some other benefits include:
● Daily spiritual practice and healing promoted with Reiki, Crystal Healing & Aromatherapy
● Handmade in small batches
● Custom made orders available
● Local Artisan
● Small business
● Mindful purchase
● Conscious creation
● Convenient holistic wellness
● Hand poured vegan wax candles
● Self care gift for new mom               

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