7 Chakras Candle
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7 Chakras Candle

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7 Chakras Candle

Crown: Clear Quartz

Third Eye: Amethyst

Throat: Blue Tigers Eye

Heart: Unakite

Solar Plexus: Yellow Jasper

Sacral: Sunstone

Root: Shungite


Artisanal 8 oz candles are made with Soy Wax, 2 Cotton Wicks, Essential Oils with Hidden Gem inside. Reiki infused. Topped with 7 chakra crystals.

Small batches are hand poured in Mississauga, ON Canada. 

Enjoy the benefits of essential oils and crystals while keeping your fire burning. Self care is so important and this is a convenient way to add Reiki,  Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing into your daily life.

These Artisanal candles are a great gift for those living a holistic lifestyle. Amethysts promotes relaxation and reduction of stress. 

Various scents available!